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Telemedicine from research to practice during the pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic is creating collateral damage to outpatients, whose rehabilitation services have been disrupted in most of the European countries. Telemedicine has been advocated as a possible solution. This paper reports the contents of the third Italian Society of Physical

Up to 2.2 million people experiencing disability suffer collateral damage each day of Covid-19 lockdown in Europe

BACKGROUND: The Covid-19 pandemic is having a great impact on health services. Patients not receiving care due to closure of outpatient services suffer a collateral damage. Our aim was to provide first data on impact of Covid-19 on people experiencing

21a Giornata nazionale Traumi Cranici

Diversi temi sono stati toccati a partire dall’analisi delle migliori pratiche di trattamento fin dalle fasi acute per poi analizzare diverse esperienze vissute dai protagonisti per poi analizzare l’importanza dell’interazione tra società scientifiche e associazioni. Il mio intervento ho trattato